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Valuation Tools

Maintenance Records Audit System (MRAS)

ACI’s Maintenance Records Audit System (MRAS) is a cost-effective asset monitoring solution. MRAS allows users to track their portfolio’s maintenance statuses and values via ACI’s online system.

MRAS helps to ensure assets are being properly maintained and tracked. In the event that an aircraft or its records are not being properly maintained, ACI identifies these discrepancies or inconsistencies and notifies clients immediately. Each aircraft is placed within a dedicated file on ACI’s MRAS. Clients are then able to review current and previous audits within the folder.

MRAS helps mitigate risk and offers a significant level of due diligence. ACI would like the opportunity to discuss the MRAS system with you. Please 
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The Airliner Price Guide

The Airliner Price Guide has been a premier source of accurate aircraft and engine values for both commercial and regional aircraft for over 30 years. The Airliner Price Guide covers over two hundred makes and models of commercial and regional aircraft. Airliner Price Guide provides information regarding the aircraft manufacturer and model background, direct operating costs, and a variety of technical data. In addition to publishing values, the Airliner Price Guide also supplies aircraft serial numbers by year of manufacture.

click here to be directed to the Airliner Price Guide website for more information.