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Aviation Consulting Services

Lease Return Analysis

Prepare for the return of an asset by having ACI Aviation Consulting conduct a thorough Lease Return Analysis. Our Lease Return Analyses typically begin with a review of the lease(s) to gain an understanding of the return conditions. This prepares ACI to conduct its onsite analysis of an asset’s compliance with the lease return conditions.

All Lease Return Analyses include a written report detailing ACI’s findings following its physical condition inspection and maintenance records audit of the asset(s).

Contact ACI to find out more.


Maintenance Records Audits

Maintenance Records are typically well-organized and have back-to-birth traceability. However, there are times in which a maintenance records audit is required to determine maintenance status.

For a Maintenance Records Audit, ACI will travel on-site, review the records, and report its findings.


Aircraft Sales

ACI offers aircraft brokerage and remarketing services and has a track record of sales success. ACI has a robust network within the aircraft sales and leasing community to facilitate prompt asset placement.

If you require assistance in selling or leasing your asset(s), contact ACI today to discuss.


Pre-Purchase Consulting

Considering the purchase of a private jet? Let ACI Aviation Consulting assist you every step of the way.

Purchasing a private jet is a complex decision that requires a great deal of expertise. Several factors come into play, such as mission profile, budgetary requirements, maintenance costs, and many other factors.

ACI has significant experience when it comes to consulting on the purchase of a business jet. Contact ACI today to discuss your options.


Industry Forecasts and Studies

The aviation industry is a landscape with varying complexities. During these times of economic uncertainty, it is critical for our clients to understand the various markets within the industry. ACI possesses the skillset and expertise to forecast within these markets and conduct industry studies.

Every client’s situation and requirements for this type of service is unique. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs and options.