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Price Guide

The Airliner Price Guide

The Airliner Price Guide (APG) has been a leading source of aircraft and engine values since its inception in 1985. The Airliner Price Guide covers over two hundred makes and models of commercial and regional aircraft. The Airliner Price Guide provides manufacturer background information, direct operating costs, and a variety of technical data. In addition to publishing values, the Airliner Price Guide also supplies aircraft serial numbers by year of manufacture. 

The Airliner Price Guide Online

A PDF publication of the APG is available, with revisions published twice annually. Alternatively, The Airliner Price Guide (APG) online provides subscribers with the same information supplied in the PDF form, but updated continuously throughout the year. The Airliner Price Guide online is updated more frequently and is intended to provide real-time values to support the dynamic industry it serves. To subscribe or learn more about the APG online, please visit