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ACI Aviation Consulting Expanding to Meet Future Demand

Monday, February 11, 2013

ACI Aviation Consulting and the Airliner Price Guide are pleased to announce their most recent personnel moves with the addition of Mr. Jonathan Denton, Analyst, and the promotion of Mr. Wes Romaine, Aircraft Appraiser. These moves will assist ACI in meeting increased demand.

Mr. Jonathan Denton

Prior to joining ACI, Mr. Denton attended the University of Virginia where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics. Jonathan brings a wealth of work experience involving the creation of databases and providing analysis for local Charlottesville businesses. Upon graduating, Mr. Denton joined ACI and will serve as the company’s new Analyst. As an Analyst Jonathan will assist the company with aircraft valuations and valuation modeling.

Mr. Wes Romaine

Mr. Romaine joined ACI Aviation Consulting and the Airliner Price Guide as an intern in December of 2007. As an intern Wes' responsibilities ranged from assisting with appraisals to developing the company's social networking presence. While Wes worked as an intern he pursued a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship from James Madison University. Upon completion of his BBA in 2009, Wes became a full-time employee with ACI.

Since joining ACI as a full-time employee, Wes has worked on the majority of corporate and commercial aircraft appraisals and conducted market research and analysis to support appraisal assignments. ACI is pleased to announce Wes’ promotion from Analyst to Aircraft Appraiser. In addition to continuing work on aircraft appraisals, Wes will head-up ACI's online and print marketing efforts. Wes will also serve as a company representative during industry conferences and events. Wes is a member of ISTAT and is currently pursuing his ASA accreditation.